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What a crazy world we are living in! Things are rapidly changing daily, and for those in the midst of planning their weddings that can feel incredibly unnerving. Now is the time to learn on your wedding planner and your team of creative professionals to help guide you through, and help maintain some sense of calm and dare I say, excitement? We are constantly in communication with our clients to help them make difficult decisions and remain optimistic and focus driven for their big day.

Here are our Top 5 Tips for continuing to plan your wedding during COVID-19.

1. Open Communication

Your wedding planner is your best friend during these times of uncertainty and decision making. Keeping a fluid conversation open about options, feelings, and concerns will only allow you a forum for success and narrow the opportunities for miscommunication or lack of information. Be as time sensitive with your responses and decisions as possible, and never be afraid to ask questions.

2. Staying Calm

Easier said than done. But staying calm will only help your cause, and your heart. Keeping your head on straight will allow you to listen more objectively, absorb your options with clarity, and make decisions with a clear train of thought. Decisions made out of fear or anger will only cause more stress for not only yourself, but your team of professionals as well. If everyone takes an approach from grace and respect, there is so much more potential for success. Remember: you WILL get married. You WILL celebrate. And it WILL be even more epic than you ever imagined.

3. The 60 Day Decision

We are highly advising our clients to make decisions for their wedding around the 60 day mark. This is a great amount of time to still be able to inform your guests, make decisions, sign new contracts with your vendors, and avoid any final balance payments or purchased products. If you can't make a decision that far out, ensuring that all of your decisions are made before the one month mark is essential.

4. The Plan B

For those whose weddings are far enough away (August, September, etc.), now is the time to consider a Plan B. This is definitely not to induce panic, but to simply have a plan. Those with a plan will have a lot easier time transitioning than if you wake up one day with no plan and a needed postponement. There is no harm in having your wedding planner poll vendors for new availability, gather postponement policies, and simply have a great back up plan in place for whenever (or if ever!) you need to pull the trigger.

5. Wedding Websites

Now more than ever a wedding website is a fantastic tool for keeping your guests informed. Not only can it be a great tool for informing guests of date changes, detail revisions, etc., but for those weddings not affected by COVID-19 it is simply a great place to collect and host information. Hotel details, travel information, wedding day details, etc. We believe that there will be a shift in the way information is communicated to wedding guests moving forward, and forever more! People want to be more informed about where they are going, what they are doing, who will be there, and options they have. So detail it up! Provide as much information as you can so your guests feel in control and excited to attend your special day. Some of our favourite wedding websites are hosted at Wix, The Knot, Appy Couple, and Minted.

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