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Your wedding day should be as unique as your love story. The details should be crafted in a way that feel authentic & familiar, yet elevated & so special.

It's the most popular request we get as wedding planners: "We want our wedding to feel unique, and intrinsically us!". And we agree- Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and it's important that it reflects your story as a couple. Personalizing each wedding is something we feel we specialize in, helping to create memories that will last a lifetime for your guests. Here are some tips on how to personalize your wedding and make it truly your own.

Choose a "theme"

Not "Circus" or "Hawaiian" per say, but choosing a theme for your wedding can help to tie all of the elements together and create a cohesive look and feel. At the least, it's a wonderful place to start in conveying your visual goals with your planner and designer. The theme could be based on a shared interest or hobby, a favourite colour scheme or era, or something else entirely- even just the "vibe" that you are after, or the feeling you want your guests to feel as they are eating their dinner. Whatever theme you choose, make sure it's something that you both love and that reflects your authentic story.

Personalize your ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day, and it's where you'll make your lifelong commitment to each other. Consider adding personalized touches to the ceremony, such as writing your own vows, incorporating a special reading or song, or having a family member or friend officiate the ceremony. There is so much room for personalization, so make sure to hire an officiant that aligns with that creativity, and let your ideas run wild!

Serve personalized food and drinks

The food and drinks you serve at your wedding can also be personalized to reflect your tastes and preferences. Consider serving your favourite late night treat foods, creating a signature menu of your favourite cocktails rather than just a "his and hers", or serve cocktails that perhaps your grandparents loved- this is a great area to honour those who have passed rather than a sombre "in memory of" table. What about late night poutine in fry cups that have your personal branding on them, or having Aunt Gia's cannoli's served around to guests on the dance floor at midnight. Pink pizza boxes and rolls of brown paper towel on the bar can add that "yum" to late night partying and really make a unique statement.

The Guest Experience Factor

Personalizing your wedding is entwined with guest experience. Allowing guests to feel completely taken care of seen through each step is so vital to the success of your celebration and any recognition of personalization. We loved doing personalized embroidered name linen napkins for each guest that awaited them at their place setting. Done in a steely blue colour, these made such a gorgeous statement at each setting.

Unique Entertainment

Entertainment is an important part of any wedding, and it's a great way to add a personal touch to your day. Consider hiring a band or DJ that reflects your musical tastes, or incorporating unique entertainment options like a photo booth, lawn games, life sized crossword puzzle or an onsite atmosphere painter.

Thank You Cards

After your wedding, make sure to send personalized thank-you notes to your guests. This is a fabulous way to express your gratitude and show your guests how much you appreciate their presence on your special day. Personalize the notes by including a heartfelt message and a cheeky photo booth photo from your wedding.

Our team places so much importance on the stories of our couples, their unique nuances and families when crafting legacy designs for their weddings. Our expertise in incorporating personalized details throughout the wedding planning process is unmatched, and the best part: we simply love doing it. Let us bring those magical touches to your wedding story. Click here to start your planning.

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