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Facts Behind the Photos

This week's "Facts Behind the Photos" instagram post features the gorgeous wedding of S & N from this past December 2022. This coastal celebration took place in Halifax Nova Scotia on the brink of Winter. With the threat of bad East Coast weather constantly in the back of our minds, we decided to host their wedding at the beautiful Pier 21: Canadian Museum of Immigration.

A Mosaic of Cultures

We were blessed to celebrate a beautiful tapestry of cultures and ethnicities at the wedding, and made it a mission to feature traditions from the bride's Egyptian background and the groom's deep Canadian roots anywhere we could.

On night one, our clients hosted a traditional east cost kitchen party at a local pub to greet guests and introduce them to a bit of Halifax culture. With Nova Scotian tartan clad linens lining the tables, oysters being shucked by the dozen, and a great three piece Celtic band rocking on, everyone felt in the salty spirit!

Burning light

One of the clearest requests from the bride and groom was to have their wedding dripping in candlelight. Because we were shipping most of the hard goods in from Toronto, we were able to capitalize on the immense inventory of floral designer Jackie O's candle supply and give them that glow. Between the welcome party and the wedding day itself, 1200+ candles were lit and brought all of the ambiance.

Man Power

It takes an incredible team of hard working creatives to pull off a wedding. This celebration was not so different, only that it took perhaps almost double our standard amount of onsite help to pull it off. 65 onsite staff were called in to bring everything from the florals and decor, to rigging and lighting, to catering and food, all the way down to rentals and vinyl flooring. It was a wild amount of team effort, and we are so lucky to have been blessed with such a hard working crew.

A Year in the Making

When we thinking about how long it takes to plan wedding, most will give you that figure in months. "It takes a year" or "it takes six months". Well, yes, this wedding took 11 months to plan. But let's break it down every further: this wedding took 600+ HOURS to bring the magic to life. Between flights for site visits, hours. behind the computer planning logistical production manifest and design boards, to the actual hours spent onsite with our team the weekend of the celebration. And with the incredibly successful way it was pulled off, I'd say it was totally worth it.

What facts do YOU want to know about the weddings and celebrations we plan? Let us know, and we'll feature it in the next iteration of Facts Behind the Photos.

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