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Bigger isn’t always better. And that will absolutely be the case once we are back to “normal”. We intrinsically foresee smaller intimate celebrations taking the lead and the insurgence of more experiential weddings becoming popular. And we are here for it! And because of that are offering new services to accommodate these changing times. Our new Elopement and Micro Wedding Planning Packages give clients the benefit of all the bells and whistles of our Full Service Planning & Design on a smaller and more intimate scale. The perfect opportunity to offer personalize luxury to your more inner circle. From design and budgeting, to virtual streaming and privacy management, we are excited at the opportunity to plan creative and innovative new ways of celebrating love.

Thinking about hosting an Elopement or Micro Wedding but aren’t sure which one is for you? Here’s a little check list to figure it out!

Am I an Elopement Bride or a Micro Wedding Bride?

Elopement Bride:

· You want to get married, period!

· Want the celebration to be exclusive to you and your fiancé, and your witnesses (5 people max)

· Privacy is of the utmost importance

· A unique location is top of the list

· You love keeping a secret

· The objective is to be stress free (hello, hiring a planner!) but still special

· Traditional wedding elements aren’t a priority

· Spending a ton on a wedding isn’t exciting to you

· You’re ready to mute others opinions to focus on your own

· A great photographer is definitely important to you

Mirco Wedding Bride:

· You want to get married, but still want some fabulous elements

· You want a middle ground between elopement and traditionally sized weddings (30 people max)

· You’re into making memories with your closets confidents

· Making each guest feel special is top priority

· Spending intimate time with each guest is important

· There are still some traditional wedding elements (i.e first dance, speeches) that are important to you

· You still want some opinions from your family on the celebration details

· Sharing food and drinks together is an important part of your wedding vision

· You love the small details

· You want to shift the financial spend from a large guest count, to a more luxury experience for a small group

· You value the importance of a well-rounded event, and a professional’s eye on the experience

Let us know which type of bride YOU are! And let’s chat about how we can curate the most perfect tiny celebration for your big day.

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