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One of our favourite things to see in a wedding album is a gorgeous mix of colour and black and white photography. We are big believers that there is a time and a place for both styles, each capturing elements of the day better than the other. But for those in between candid moments where the silent emotion reigns supreme = black and white for the win; the classic charm simply cannot be beat.

Images captured by Will Reid Photography.

There has been such a resurgence in black and white photo popularity recently, with clients specifically culling image inspiration of mainly all colourless photos. So what is it about this classic style that is coming back out on top? Let's explore dear wedding dreamers...

Black and white wedding photos have such a timeless elegance that's hard to match with colour photos. The lack of colour helps to focus our attention on the little details, the emotions, the expression. We aren't focused on the hoopla of the photo, but instead are invited to place ourselves in the moment with the emotions of the image. To put ourselves in the shoes of the subject. They also hold an element of nostalgia to them, offering a timeless and romantic view into the image. Are we dreaming in black and white yet?...

Images Captured by Tara McMullen Photography

And then there’s the style element-Black and white wedding photos can be oh so stylish. Notice all the big flash candid sunglass moments happening? 9/10 times they look even more gorgeous in b & w. They can be classic, but simultaneously modern and edgy. Perfect for a couple who want to create a wedding album that is a perfect timeless mix or old and new!

Some of our favourite moments captured in black and white on a wedding day:

  1. Candid father/daughter moments

  2. Cheeky bride glances at her partner

  3. Beautiful vintage cars

  4. Veil moments in the breeze, or a groom sneaking a quick under the veil kiss

  5. Those "forgot the photographer is there" moments of intimacy with newlyweds

There's something just magical about black and white wedding photography. It's a concept that feels like it will never go out of style. Plain and simple, it's the perfect way to capture emotional moments, and after all, wedding days are centred around emotional moments. We want the photographer to capture the way the day felt, the way the people experienced it. And through the use of grain, contrast, those elements can be palpable.

Images captured by Will Reid Photography

As Tara McMullen recently so perfectly said and I think lends itself directly to the ideals behind b & w photography...

"Find me here. Fine me in between poses and expectations. Fine me in the real laughter. Find me when you're not looking. These are the places where real memories live." These in between moments are so well captured in black and white. It's the simplicity for us!

So the takeaway from all of this? Hire a photographer who won't just throw a black and white filter over your images, but instead feels just as passionate about capturing your wedding day with the emotional intention it deserves. Because regardless of hour your images look, you want them to remind you of how you felt.

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