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This year we are thrilled to let you hear more from our Associate Planner, Kelly Martin. With years of expertise under her belt coordinating some of our most celebrated weddings, Kelly's two sense are worth a ton!

Are Micro weddings really all that great?

This year may have postponed a wedding or two, however one thing we learned is that a micro wedding as beautiful as Melissa & David’s will make you want to consider trimming that guest list. The beautiful couple opted for a modern and sophisticated feel, selecting the Globe and Mail Centre as their venue of choice. With stunning, 360-degree views of Toronto’s cityscape – the Globe and Mail Centre was the perfect setting for Melissa and David to say their “I-do’s”

“When COVID-19 shook our world, we realized that our dream of having a large wedding with all of our friends and family was becoming farfetched. We really had to think about what we really wanted as a couple, and as we considered some different options, it became very clear that the opportunity to wed in front of our nearest and dearest loved ones was most important to us.”-Melissa

Melissa and David’s vision of white, modern, airy décor was brought to reality with the help of Jackie O Florals. Their team created a breathtaking acrylic Chuppah made up of hundreds of hanging white orchids. The crisp white aisle by Event Graffiti was lined with acrylic stands and ‘floating’ white candles, creating the most stunning walkway.

“The Chuppah was very important to us. It not only symbolizes the home that David and I plan to build together, but we knew that it was also going to be the focal point of our entire wedding day” said the couple.

For their wedding bands, David had melted down a piece of gold that was given to him by his late grandfather on his 13th birthday. He engraved each ring with “with love, Papa” and the couple will now forever wear a piece of their Papa around their finger.

Beautiful live music played by Sole Power echoed through the venue space as the couples’ small bridal party walked down the aisle. With the help of DMS video, the couple’s extended family and friends were able to witness their marriage virtually, as the high-quality livestream allowed guests to feel as if they were right there in the same room.

You could just feel the couple’s love radiate throughout the entire room; of the 45 guests who attended Melissa and David’s wedding in person, there was not a dry eye in the room. It was a small, intimate and a truly heartfelt ceremony.

“Although COVID-19 has had such a negative impact on our world that has affected so many – it has made us realize what is most important to us in our lives, and that is family and good health. From what was initially supposed to be a 250-person wedding, to then having a small, intimate wedding of 45 guests who were dearest to us – we would not have changed a thing. It really was the most perfect day.”

Melissa and David were an absolute pleasure to work with and have set such a beautiful example of how downsizing a wedding can still be just as fulfilling and magical.

For couple’s out there hesitant to do so – you will not regret it!

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