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Let's talk wedding trends!

For 2021, I'm predicting a continued shift towards more intentional wedding design trends, with a focus on neutral tone on tone, interior design inspired tablescapes.

But what does that even mean?

Think items and details that you would find in a beautifully curated home by former SHEA client Ashley Montgomery or Studio McGee. Something that feels equally as nostalgic as it does beautiful; A beautiful set of nude ceramic dishes, curated sets of crystal glassware, beautiful flatware with bone handles, linen fabric napkins that look like they belonged to a great auntie, or an eclectic mix of chandeliers that look more domestic than they do rented.

It's this way of intentionally designing a wedding that allows guests to truly understand the perspective of the newly married couple. It's who they want to be recognized as in the form of a celebration. Do the tables feel authentic, curated, and designed with them specifically in mind. Does it make sense. Leaning on inspiration from the couple's apartment or family cottage is the perfect way to be inspired to create that authentic wedding design.

If you are digging these neutral homey vibes, check out Erica & Eric's wedding here which featured homages to each of their cultures and authentic table designs.

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Simply Beautiful Decor

Contemporary Furniture Rentals

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