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Everyone loves a beautiful overhead shot of a wedding stationery flat lay. Coupled with a few other signature details and this is the most quintessential snapshot of a wedding morning. But what are those key ingredients that go into creating a perfect shot? Here are our tips!

Image shot by Purple Tree Photography, Stationery by Paper Damsels


In most of the flat lays you see, there is a visual of the front of the invite, the envelope, and perhaps the inside liner. Multiple copies of the invitation (in perfect condition!) are totally necessary to making this happen.


Grab a couple loose blooms from your florist to detail around the central elements. Petals, rose heads, and greenery in different sizes and compositions are great to play with. Having some soft ribbon on hand is also quintessential for creating those framing elements and tying in more of the colour elements of your wedding day.

Image shot by Will Reid Photography, Stationery by Brooklin Paper Co.


Having your engagement ring is great, but taking it up a notch and curating a vintage ring box in a coordinating colour shows your real thought and attention to detail. Go the step further and have it monogramed with your wedding initials. Then you can display the ring in the box, and the top of the box with the monogram. Tres Chic.


The best flat lay items can be trashed with a poorly thought out background. Shooting on a carpet or couch will rarely result in a great image. Think flat marble countertops, or purchase a big piece of fabric pattern paper from a local paper store. Every element counts.


Although it may seem fun to play with whimsical set ups with many different angles and layouts, the best flat lays thrive on symmetry and alignment! And straight lines are so key. Bring a ruler or a piece of long sting to help you line everything up.

Image shot by Purple Tree Photography, Stationery by Paper and Poste


Lighting is so key. Shooting a flat lay in natural bright light will always aid you in getting the most authentic colours and visible elements.


The BTS details! Double sided tape to hold things in place, little risers or boxes to heighten certain elements, and a pair of scissors which will always come in handy.



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