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From Inspiration to Reality: The Journey of Wedding Design

Happy Holidays, Lovers!

As we near the end of the year, I'm reminded of what an incredibly great year this was for weddings. We had the opportunity to design and plan dozens of weddings and events and are so grateful for each and every one! How lucky are we to be able to spend our days planning love celebrations?

One of my favourite parts of planning a wedding is the design and inspiration process. We are lucky enough to get the opportunity to bring to life the visions and dreams of our clients through design boards and inspirations, and then pull together talented teams to bring it to life. Each of our Full Service clients receives our "Signature Style File"- a 10 to 15 page document outlining our ideas and inspirations for their wedding design. Based off an initial design meeting, these boards are curated with each client in mind while expanding horizons and ideas that our brides and grooms may not have thought of in the beginning. It's a journey, and doesn't stop when the concept gets approved- it evolves, its ever developing until the event day arrives.

I thought it would be a fun experiment to showcase one wedding from design inspiration through to production! A little "Before" and "After", if you will. How our weddings go from PDF to real life WOW.

Currently featured on, Lexi and Jeff’s wedding was one of the most fun weddings to bring to life. A hipster’s paradise on a farm with an amazing tent and epic details. Lexi's vision of a super hip "glamping experience wedding" was our starting point, and we shot for the moon from there. I knew we were headed in the right direction when they approved the Yurt for the bar, and suggested having a donkey walk around cocktail hour serving beer.

I'll mention some of our fabulous contributors below!

All images of the wedding shot by our friends at 5ive15ifteen.



Right from the start, our goal was to create a really cohesive design concept. Everything from the fashion, to textiles, to florals. Emphasis on cool, focus on love, and engulfed in the style of our bride and groom. As you can see above, our "Big Picture" inspiration totally came to life.



The Yurt was one of my favourite elements of the wedding. Rented from The Yurt Company, it didn't take much convincing to prove to Lexi and Jeff that we totally needed a yurt for guests to have a new and cool cocktail experience. It was set up between the dining tent and the dancing barn giving guests the perfect stop off for a quick beverage and a look at some old school pictures of our bride and groom.

Things that changed along the way: our leather bar and cool latter shop shelf. But the wooden bar worked out even better and nobody saw the back bar anyways.



The floral design process was super collaborative. We knew we wanted Rachel A. Clingen to work on the project with us from the beginning, so we brought her into the picture very soon after creating our inspiration board. The concept of our inspiration included tons of pampas grass, animal skulls, wild greens and blooms and exposed taper candles for a touch of classy elegance. Rachel bounced off our ideas by adding in the ideas of potted plans and herbs, more of a "naturally grown from the table" vibe, and created these STUNNING, OUTRAGEOUS trees to climb up the poles of the tent (which was from Guelph Tent Rentals)

Things that changed along the way: Pampas grass was limited during the wedding dates, so we opted out! But our bride and bridesmaids still carried some and it made it's way into some stellar welcome table and barrel arrangements.



Our table setting inspiration was definitely inspired by the overall vision, but amplified by the fact that we knew we wanted to utilize the great table top rentals from Plate Occasions. We ended up going with a more texture look with the sweet grass charger plate mats (a personal favourite) and the greige accent plate for guests to devour their "family style" meal on. Copper cutlery replaced our original idea of a vintage mismatched cutlery when Lexi decided to incorporate copper/rose gold into their invitation design (Oh, by the way, Lexi is a fierce graphic designer at Paper & Poste, who designed all the wedding stationery.). I was so thrilled with the look of the copper cutlery, and even the last minute addition of the bone handle steak knife we added when more copper cutlery stock didn't make it through customs at the border- a definite moment of fate.

So what do you think! Do you see the vision coming to life in these images? How cool is it to see work jump right off the page? It takes a village, it truly does, but when you see how amazing it can be to create cohesive design, it is totally worth it!

We'd love to design YOUR wedding! Give us a shout and let's create your own magic.

xo Shea


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