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The Bridal Prep

One of the most fun and exciting times on your wedding day will be the prep in the morning. Excitement is brewing, your friends are arriving, everybody is getting all dolled up! These memories that you make the morning of your wedding will last a lifetime! That's why it's so important to capture some of these moments of anticipation. Having your photographer on hand (even just for an hour) will be so worth it when you have those candid moments to look back upon. It's all about the journey.

Photo by Tara McMullen

It's equally as important to choose a space to get ready in that you feel comfortable and relaxed, but also is a space that has great light and ample space. Your photographer will love you for life if you choose a hotel room or space in your house that is fill with natural light, big windows, a neutral palette, and space to feature your beautiful dress, suit, and bridesmaids outfits. Your photos will be that much more beautiful if a little bit of thought goes into the prep process.

Photo by Mango Studios

Photo by Purple Tree Photography

Top 5 Tips for Achieving Amazing Wedding Day Prep Photos

1. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh and feel great about yourself.

2. Get yourself ready for the big day in something that makes you feel beautiful. A beautiful silk robe, an oversized boyfriend button down, or a cozy hotel inspired plush bath robe. (Or for the guys, something a bit more trendy than your salt & pepper track pants.)

3. Choose a space with big windows and tons of natural light. Your photos (and your makeup artist!) will thank you.

4. Work with your wedding planner and photographer to style shots that feature your wedding jewellery, stationery, perfume, and other special wedding day details. (Gents: having your cuff links, shined up shoes, cologne, and monogramed handkerchief are great details for you to consider.)

5. Relax and enjoy yourself. Your day is going to amp up very quickly so take this time to revel in the slower moments.

6. Bonus Tip! Have a room that isn't spa like? Bring a nebulizer or aromatherapy machine to turn your room into the hammam spa of your dreams.

Photo by Tara McMullen

Did you have a fabulous experience on your wedding day during your bridal prep? Send my your tips or experiences in the comments below or send this helpful list off to a bride or groom to be!

xo Shea


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