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Q & A with Nadia & Co.

Let them eat cake! And what better way to eat it than when it's lavishly decorated and absolutely delicious? Nadia Colella from Nadia & Co. has this innate ability to create the most jaw dropping cakes while still putting all the most important effort into making sure the cake itself is a fabulous product to eat. Her flavours are unique and sophisticated and her hand painting and sugar flowers are some of the best in the city. I love bringing clients to Nadia because I can always count on them not only loving their cake, but loving her as well. She's as sweet as pie...or cake. Bon Appetit!

How long have you been in business for and where are you based out of?

Nadia: I have been making cakes for as long as I can remember. I was around 15 years old when I started to formally train and have been running Nadia & Co~ since 2011. I am based out of Vaughan and serve all of Toronto and surrounding areas.

What types of sweets in addition to wedding cakes do you offer clients?

Nadia: I studied French pastry in Chicago, and mostly produce French style pastries and confections having been immersed in it and have such a passion for mastering the techniques. Being of Italian background I often will make Italian inspired favorites or other European confections my clients will special request.

What trends are you seeing in cake design this year? Do you have a favorite trend that you hope sticks around?

Nadia: For a little while now it has been all about pattern and textures. I absolutely adore textiles, fabrics, patterns and textural material. I am always finding new inspiration and innovative ways to approach cake design. Having a painting background, I often turn to paint as a way of setting apart my designs apart. In addition, flowers are forever trendy, Mother Nature herself is inspiring and I find tackling new sugar flowers can be interesting for designs.

What sets Nadia and Co. apart from other cake companies? What makes you unique?

Nadia: I believe what sets Nadia & Co apart is my every day’s desire in celebrating Art & Pastry. I have trained at two of North Americas most decorated schools which has inspired my work to not only be beautiful but entertaining on the taste buds as well. Each design is innovative, romantic, and bold in character with a touch of whimsical softness.

Not only do I want to dream, I want my viewer to dream of the possibilities. They are endless.

Do you have a personal favourite cake flavour?

Nadia: I love the classics like salted caramel and chocolate hazelnut, but I am more interested in floral & tea forward flavors. I recently added to my permanent menu an earl grey infused cake, which I pair with lavender ganache and a peach and honey buttercream. I have the incredible opportunity in working with so many couples of ethnic backgrounds, which allows me the creative freedom of playing with combinations like pistachio rose and raspberry or even coconut with passion fruit and rum roasted pineapple.

How much cake do you typically suggest client order? Enough for the whole crowd? Half?

Nadia: I often recommend my couples ordering cake for half their guests count unless it is served as a plated dessert, in this case we would have a slice of cake for each guest. Everyone’s wedding is a little different, I sometimes have clients that want cake for everyone even if it is not a plated dessert or prefer to have extra for a brunch they may be hosting the next day.

What is the most unique request someone has asked of you when it came to their wedding cake design?

Nadia: One of the most unique designs I have ever created for a clients wedding was this past summer, in Malibu. The cake was inspired by Willy Wonka’s golden egg and beautiful Faberge designs. I created a vignette of a miniature room inspired by their favorite exhibition seen in the Chicago Art Institute. The egg sat atop a beautiful nest with blooming sugar flowers.

How does working with a wedding planner aid in the cake creation process?

Nadia: I often love when a wedding planner attends our cake consultations because couples oftentimes are not overly detailed in their descriptions of the day. With a wedding planner in attendance we seem to create great conversation and brainstorming around the table. I often will pick up more ideas when I am given more detail about the events concept and design.

Thanks to Nadia for taking the time to chat with me today! And thanks to the wonderful Tara McMullen Photography for all of the photos featured.

For more information on Nadia check out her beautiful website here.

xx Shea


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