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Bridesmaids Fashion 101

Where to begin?

There is so much to be said about bridesmaid fashion. How do you make a group of completely different women happy in the same dress? Do you allow them to choose their own? Do you do the same colour, or same length? It options are endless!

Last year, it seemed that the trend of doing identical bridesmaids dresses had come and gone. Bridesmaids were wearing more individualized evening gowns and putting a personal spin on their outfits. This year, it appears that everything old is new again the trend of bridesmaids in all the same dress is back in! It definitely makes a statement to see a beautiful group of ladies all rock the same dress or colour. It's romantic, and definitely traditional. But it's not for everyone, and definitely not for every body type! Slight variations on neck lines or straps can give a little bit of flare to ladies all wearing the same colour. A personal favourite of mine is keeping the dress the same but doing it in varying shades. Check out some of the beautiful dresses and women rocking the bridesmaid runway this summer for my beautiful brides!

Jamie & Brian

A Trio of Tri-toned Lovelies

Well this is exciting. Jamie & Brian's photos are not even out of the photographers hands yet and we get a sneak peek of her blushing bridesmaids. Jamie's ladies wore gorgeous dusty blue chiffon dresses with halter necklines. Each lady wore a different shade making a beautiful melange of colour in each photo. Complimented by the beautiful blooms from Blush & Bloom, this was a home run.

Thanks to Mango for sending me this gorgeous snap :)

Teresa & Franc

Beautiful garden inspired bridesmaids.

All seven ladies wore blush White by Vera Wang strapless dresses with rushing on the bodice. The bride decided to have all the necklines made into sweet hearts to give a bit more detail to the neckline.

Shot by Allison Milne Photography

Marisa & Rob

Elegant, classic, and sophisticated bridesmaids

Marisa's ladies all looked like bombshells in their black figure hugging gowns. With sweet heart necklines and beautiful lace detailing, these ladies all looked like they walked off the pages of Vogue. Classic blooms by the always lovely Rachel A. Clingen

Shot by LifeImages

Katie & Shaun

Spring time bridesmaids

Katie's ladies were dressed in beautiful pink chiffon bridesmaids dresses with different necklines. Each lady picked which neckline faltered them the most and the maid of honour was accented with a satin sash. Comfortably, flowy, and perfect for a spring day.

Photo by Jeremy Clay Photography

What is your favourite style of bridesmaid dress? Are you planning on putting your ladies all in the same dress or mixing it up? Or are you a bridesmaid who is currently on the hunt for the perfect frock to compliment your bestie bride? Let me know what you think!

xo Shea



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