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A Walk Down the Aisle-Keeping it Classic

Sometimes, everything old is new again.

One of my all time favourite songs to have brides walk down the aisle to is "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis Presley. Last year, the Ingrid Michelson version was one of my top requested songs for brides either for first dances or for the big walk down the aisle. This year, Haley Reinhart (of American Idol fame) has come out with her own take on the classic and I'm obsessed! Have a listen to the song above and tell me what you think!

What would you walk down the aisle to? Would you keep it classic or do something more contemporary?

For more ideas, check out this past blog post with my Spotify Playlists for "I Dos", "First Dances", and "The Party"!

xx Shea


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