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The Look of Love

There's nothing quite like a sneak peek. And this one beats the rest. This little peek is from my own trip into bride-land. Tara McMullen took my fiancé and I out for our engagement photos last week and boy, did she ever capture the essence of our love.

This, to me, is perfection. Walking and laughing with my best friend. Just the way love should be captured.

This year has been an interesting journey of mixing business with pleasure. I was nervous to announce my engagement in fear that my amazing clients may think my focus would be pulled to my own wedding plans. Instead, all of my astonishing brides clamoured to extend congratulations and excitement! There have been idea exchanges, giggles, and most importantly: mutual support. There can never be enough love, and my own wedding journey has lead me to learn so much about how I want this experience to be for my brides and grooms.

Love lessons thus far:

1. Being the bride is a pressure cooker. More so than I ever imagined. With opinions and suggestions flying your way, it’s no wonder anyone would turn into a bridezilla. But lean on your wedding planner! Have a crazy question? Ask them. Need to vent? Vent to them. They are your neutral sounding board with no invested emotional interest in family matters or past history. They are there solely for you and to make this experience the best possible one.

2. Time flies fast! If I have learned anything thus far, your engagement period flies by at the speed of sound. Take time to stop and look around you! Embrace all of the love, the showering, the fawning. It’s not going to last forever, so take time to release what you are doing and smell the roses. And oh, there should be a lot of roses.

3. Trust the professionals. The best decision that Mike (my fiancé) and I made was letting the professionals do their job. Trust them. If you hire them because you love the work you see on their sites or the referral someone gave you, pay the deposit, step back, and watch the magic happen. The best example I can give of this in my experience is our invitation design process with Paper and Poste. Mike, being a graphic designer himself, decided to step back and let Beckee and the P & P ladies be the stationery geniuses. We gave them colours, inspiration images, and the “vibe” we wanted and then let them go to work. No micro managing, no million meetings, no thousand revisions. We put our faith in them and because we did that, we got the most amazing product possible. They were given the permission to be creative and the results were nothing short of bananas. I try to instill this same value in my clients when working with vendors- if I highly recommend someone, you can surely count on them to be the best and produce the best product possible. Now sit back and enjoy the ride! ​

There are still three months to go until my own big day (and 11 other amazing client weddings to coordinate before that!), and I am going to take every second as a blessing. The best part is that once my day is over, I can relive the joy and excitement in the hearts and love filled eyes of my future brides and grooms to come. I'm a pretty lucky lady.

You may see this image pop up as a fixture on the main site real soon! I want to give visitors more insight into who I am as as a planner, as well as a woman in love! Plus, this picture is just too good to pass up.

xx Shea


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