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Groom's Day- The Changing Tide of Groom's Wardrobe.

Here comes the groom!

Now more than ever, groom's are taking their wardrobe VERY seriously for their big day! And why shouldn't they? From rocking awesome coloured suits to sporting full hipster beards and patterned bowties, the opportunities are endless to show personal style and flare on your wedding day. The trends are ever changing and, in my opinion, always exciting. Nothing gets me pumped about a wedding like the groom taking a risk with his wardrobe.

One of my favourite trends right now is grooms who are playing with colour. I love the classics, but amplified. Royal blue and indigo suits are some of my favourites, and I love when their are just pushed over the limited with a luxurious fabric like a velvet or with a super shiny finish. Burgundy and green suits are also on my radar as what to look out for this summer in the wedding world. I think groom's are getting adventurous and steering away from the expected. Bowties are always a favourite of mine, or skinny patterned ties. Three piece suits up the anti in formality, but I am loving the mix and match of pattern and fabric between the suit, jacket, and shirt. Mix and match is totally a statement needing to be made!

Check out some of my favourite current groom's trends on my Pinterest board below! What is your groom wearing for the big day? Will he be taking a risk and dressing outside of the box, or keeping it classic and traditional?

Photo above by the VERY talented Tara McMullen Photography

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