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5 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day!

It seems like the simpliest concept, but sometimes it takes more concentration and preperation than you think to thoroughly have a stress free wedding day. And isn't that the way it should be? Totally stress free and enjoyable? Absolutely!

Here are my top 5 tips for having a stress free wedding day:

1. Get a good night sleep.

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many brides wake up feeling exhausted on their wedding day. Whether it is from all the excitement keeping them awake the night before or a big party and tons of laughter that forced them to go to bed at 3:00am. Beauty rest is the best way to ensure a smooth and stress free wedding day!

How to ensure a good nights sleep: A) Leaving the rehearsal dinner just a tad earlier than everyone else to have some time alone, take a bath, and relax in a comfortable bed. B) Meditate. Taking ten minutes to sit peacefully before bed and clear your head. Maybe a mantra or some soothing sounds will allow you to take your mind off of the planning and the excitement and truly relax. C) Avoid drinking too much wine or drinking coffee at your rehearsal dinner. Or at least cut it off two hours before you think you’ll go to sleep.

2. Keep only those around you who keep you calm.

It may seem like a fun idea to have a big group of people in your room for hair and makeup, but make sure those people are ones who make you smile, and keep you grounded. The last thing you want on your wedding day is frustration, or agitation. It’s not unforgivable to keep your room to yourself while you get ready or ask only a few people to join. You want to be focused on enjoying your morning, communicating with your beauty team, and keeping spirits high!

3. Have a hair and makeup trial

Knowing how your hair and makeup is going to look on your big day can relieve a ton of stress. The peace of mind that you are confident in your look and trust your hair and makeup stylists will allow you to simply enjoy! It’s also important to hire a team that you get along with, personality wise. After all, they will be the first faces you see in the morning and will set the pace for the rest of the day.

4. Stick to the schedule!

A wedding day schedule is there for a reason. Whether you’ve hired a planner or have set up the schedule yourself with your venue, sticking to an outlined day with be the best method for staying stress free. Make sure that your bridal party has seen the schedule, and family knows when to arrive for photos and take off for the reception. Have your MC prepped for the coordination of dinner and speeches, and make sure that everyone stays in communication with your planner.

5. Hire a wedding planner

This may seem like the obvious coming from me, but this truly is the best way for a stress free and enjoyable day. Hire a professional planner who can take your day from drab to fab, but also detail it in a way that ensures a flawless execution. Having someone on your team who is coordinating the day and making sure everyone is where they need to be is the best way to ensure that you, as the bride, can truly enjoy what you have worked so hard on. Trust your planner, and trust that they have your best interests in mind at all times! Relax, you’re in good hands!

xx Shealyn


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