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The Winter Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, the spring and summer months are given the golden award of “most desired” by brides and grooms. Although fall is gaining in ranking, June-September are primo in the eyes of the wedding planning beholder. But then there are those rare couples who decide to go off the beaten path and plan a wedding in the off season- winter! And although it may be cold and snowy during the winter months here in Toronto, there is something so magical about planning a wedding with a dreamy snowy backdrop.

Here are my top SEVEN reasons to consider a winter wedding!

1. The Snuggle Potential

There is nothing more encouraging of snuggling than the winter season. While it may be cold, snuggling together under a warm blanket makes everything better. Not to mention, using this tactic to create some seriously gorgeous wedding photos. Bring your favourite big plaid or fur blanket out on your couple’s portraits to create a seriously adorable vignette. Or, add a basket of custom monogrammed throws to your ceremony to add that little element of warmth and hospitality! Spread the snuggle.

Photo from W & E Photographie

2. The Festive Tablescapes

A winter wedding can inspire a multitude of thematic aesthetics! From the classic winter wedding, to a plaid apres ski theme, to crisp winter greens. There are so many options to choosing a way to decorate your winter wedding! Which every you choose, there is ab abundance of options for decorating your table to fulfill that festive theme.

Photo from Wed Over Heels

3. The Vendor Availability

There is no doubt that it can be more challenging to book your favourite wedding vendors during the summer months. With such popularity, vendors are filling up their schedules 10 months to a year in advance, if not more! And although there are many wonderful vendors to choose from, your favourite may have already been plucked before you can get to them. But with a winter wedding, vendors tend to have much more availability to choose from. The world is your vendor oyster!

4. The Hot Chocolate Bar

Why stick with the ever popular sweet table or candy station when you can send guests sugar levels soaring with a hot chocolate bar! From couture marshmallows to dark chocolate coco, this is a staple to any winter wedding. Spice it up with a cayenne infused Mayan hot chocolate, or keep it Canadian with a maple hot chocolate! Which every way you stir it, it’s bound to be a bit.

Photo from Celebrating Everyday Life Blog

5. The Romance

There is no doubt in my mind that winter could be considered the most romantic time of the year for a wedding. With a beautiful snowy backdrop, warm candlelight glow enhancing a room, and lots of love in the air, what could be better? Not to mention, winter weddings tend to lend themselves to more lush colour and warmth in terms of texture and décor. Think larger and more abundant candles, rich tones of burgundy and gold, and soft linen. So romantic and inviting!

6. The Fashion

Winter weddings totally allow for more creativity and expression when it comes to wedding fashion. The more layers, the better! No need to go sleeveless for the hot summer months, or wear lighter dress to avoid too much fabric. Bring on the lace sleeves, the fuller skirts, the many layers, and the glamourous accessories. Not to mention the incredible fabrics that can be layered for a unique and stunning groom’s suit! Think velvet, tweed, wool. Oh, and have we mentioned the appeal of a beautifully coiffed beard?

Photo from Love That Smile Photography

7. The Mulled Wine.

Need I say more? Eat, drink, and be merry, friends!

xx Shealyn


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