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No matter what phase of your business or career you are in, there are moments when it’s necessary to take a diagnostic and ask "WHAT'S NEXT?". Creating and running a creative business is tough work but running it without a support system or guidance is even tougher.


I remember when I first began in the industry and the incredible transfer of knowledge and power through working with mentors. Talented leaders who had the experience I longed for, the drive I echoed, and the road map to bring it to life. I believe it was these powerful lessons and experiences I learned that allowed me to blend my own personal style and talents into the successful business I run today.


Which brings us here. The SHEA mentorship program, LAUNCH. LEVEL UP. LEAN IN. I want to educate and encourage you to create great business bones, to build upon the ones you’ve already got, to question the structure and practices of your business, and make it even better than you ever imagine. Together we will ask, “What Next?”. Whether you are just getting ready to LAUNCH your business, wanting to LEVEL UP your branding or practises, or wanting to LEAN IN to your strengths and find that missing magic. Through one-on-one virtual mentorship, we will do the hard work together and allow you to create the version of your business you’ve always dreamed of.



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"A TRUE MENTOR is someone that guides with grace and compassion - and that was exactly what Shea did while she mentored me. I learned so much through her show-don't-tell, kind, patient, and knowledgeable approach. Even in the most stressful and time-sensitive scenarios, Shea took the time to stop, explain, ask my input, and help guide me through problem solving. I didn't just learn how to write an incredible itinerary (seriously, her itineraries are killer) and clear communication with vendors- I learned life skills like staying calm under pressure and being present even when you feel like you have 100+ tabs open in your brain. Shea has a wealth of knowledge, but she knows how to guide her mentees to their own answers and solutions - that's how you learn best! Shea is a triple-threat mentor: you'll learn life skills, business skills, and planning skills, and enjoy every moment of it."

-Mia Halabi, past mentee


1.5 hours, 350+hst

 supplementary sessions 275


Deep diving into your business goals, challenges, and wins, and creating tangible tools for your personal business success. Starting with an in-depth questionnaire to pinpoint your interest, challenges, and intentions, I will personally craft our session(s) to support your goals while also giving us time to answer burning questions.  We can dive as deep as you desire, covering anything from new business branding, to services and investment, website review, marketing and relationship building, client templating, timelines, budgeting, and much more.


30 mins, 125+hst

A half-an-hour intensive to ask any and all of your burning questions and get your feet wet in the world of one-on-one mentorship and coaching. No pre or post work, but an incredible opportunity to throw yourself into a diagnostic state of reflecting on your business, learning from an expert, and setting your sites for success.  


Cheers to exploring together,



to begin your experience.



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